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Lawrence Edwards built this lovely Greek Revival home at 463 Middle Road for his son, Lawrence Barnes Edwards, and his wife Margaret circa 1852. This property was a one-acre portion of the 160 acres conveyed to M. Edwards from Jacob Smith in 1846. In 1905 a new porch was added and the noteworthy innovation for the time was installed--electricity.
This photograph of the Bayport Depot is dated August 1, 1906. The waiting horse-drawn carriage and gentlemen suggested a fully active station.

Headed toward Bayport, this trolley ran into an intense traffic jam under the railroad trestle spanning Blue Point Avenue in Blue Point.
The trolley was run by the Suffolk Traction Company, and the fare was 10 cents. The view in this photograph shows car #1 approaching the Bayport Railroad Station at Snedecor Avenue. Bayport Avenue is in the background. The year is 1913. The route from Blue Point was west on Railroad Avenue to the Bayport station, then west to Oakwood Avenue to Middle Road, then west on Middle Road to Sayville.

This particular view of the "White House" emphasizes the desirable bay-view location, at the foot of Fairview Avenue in Bayport. Seen here are two young ladies, Pat Kennelly Porter on the left and Eileen Deacon Peterson on the right. Unfortunately this house was also taken by fire, in the 1940s
A lone horse-drawn buggy stands in front of the Bayport Fire Department in this view of Middle Road, Bayport, looking west, from a postcard view circa 1910. It was taken from in front of West's Butcher Shop (not shown). The buildings, from right to left, are Snedecor and Squires General Store (later Shand's), the firehouse, and the Manhattan House. At the time this was basically the village business area.

Before motor cars clogged the streets, Bayport village on Middle Road was a quiet haven with one horse-drawn buggy and just two bicycles in front of the barber shop on the left, next to the Manhattan House. The firehouse and Snedecor and Squires General Store complete the picture, looking east toward Blue Point.
The Roger's Ice Cream Company was located at 564 Middle Road and was started in 1904 in Bayport. Their promotional brochure said, "There is no mere luck about our success. By the skillful use of the very best materials obtainable, we produce an ice cream which meets with the full approval of the most fastidious, and by ability and willingness to fully meet all honorable competition or price we gain and retain the patronage of the most careful buyers." The ice cream was sold all along the coast, orders being sent by train.
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